Information on the ALEXBLIGH Nominet tag

Some time ago Nominet changed the classification of its registrars into three categories: self-managed tags, channel partners, and accredited channel partners. I'm a registrar in a personal capacity under the tag name ALEXBLIGH. In essence I only register domain names for my business, people I know and the businesses they run. There are too many of them for a self-managed tag, so I need to be a channel partner. Easy enough? You would have thought so. But apparently not: Nominet's new system means I have to put lots of exciting information about what the deal is with my "customers" on this web site. So here goes.

Your contract with me

If you want me to register or renew domain names with me, this will proceed strictly under the terms of the following contract.

  1. In this contract "You" means the registrant of the domain names, and "I" or "Me"means Alex Bligh.
  2. "Emailing me" means sending an email to my email address, which consists of first name, followed by the at symbol, followed by my first name (again), then ''.
  3. "Abuse email" means email concerning potential abuse coming from my registrants, rather than being an opportunity to send me abusive email; that happens anyway. The above address works for Abuse email too.
  4. "Telephone me" means ring me on 020 8812 3300.
  5. "Write to me" means send a letter to 15 Elsynge Road, London, SW18 2HW.
  6. "Nominet's Ts & Cs" means Nominet's terms and conditions here
  7. I do not offer domain name registration or renewal to the general public. I offer this service purely to people who I know and want to do a favour for. If you want a professional domain name registrar, there are quite literally thousands of them most of whom will be only too happy to take your money.
  8. I am not obliged to register or renew your domain names at all. My doing so is entirely at my discretion. Even if I say I am going to, I might well forget, in which case an email to remind me would be helpful.
  9. You are not obliged to give me any money at all. It might be nice if you bought me a glass of wine or something once I've done it. Certainly saying 'thank you' would be appreciated.
  10. Customer service is obtained by emailing me. I'll get around to it at some point. You can normally expect a reply within a week. If emailing me doesn't work, you can telephone me or write to me.
  11. Apparently (registrar agreement section D.1.2) I have to provide details so that members of the public (as well as customers) can contact me by email, phone and post, despite the fact I don't deal with members of the public. If there are any members of the public reading this, the details are above. You should expect your enquiry to be resolved some time before hell freezes over, because I don't deal with members of the general public. What I'll probably do is ignore your correspondence entirely. Note that some domain name registrars do this as a matter of policy even with correspondence from customers, so don't feel too sore about it.
  12. Complaints and refunds: if you have a complaint, do feel free to email me. In general I'll be only too happy to provide you with a full refund. Note that in general you won't have paid me anything - see above. This will make the refund procedure simpler.
  13. Any name I register for you will be in your own name. I don't want your stinkin' domain registration.
  14. If you register or renew a Nominet domain, Nominet's Ts & Cs form a contract between you and Nominet. By asking me to register or renew such a domain, you indicate not only that you agree to these Nominet's Ts & Cs, but that you've read them, understood them, and consider them close to your heart. There may be a test later.
  15. Any domain names I register for you will be registered with autorenew set on (unless of course you tell me you don't want me to renew them). This saves a pile of hassle because you are probably about as bad at remembering when domain names might expire as I am. This means they won't expire, and hence there'll be no need to send you an expiry notice.
  16. If you want to transfer your domain names to another registrar, be my guest. I don't make any money out of this, remember. Just email me and I'll change the tag. Alternatively, you can email Nominet and pay them some money for the privilege.
  17. On the basis you aren't paying me, I try my hardest to get out of any responsibility if anything goes wrong. In legal terms that means I disclaim any responsibility to the maximum extent permitted by law. Oddly enough, that's what most people do even if you do pay them. If you have given me some money and it all goes tits up, then if it's my fault I'll give you your money back - only seems fair. Oddly enough, that's not what most people do when you pay them.
  18. Um, that's it.


This FAQ does not form part of the contract.

Q1. Has your contract been approved by Nominet?

A1. Nominet does not approve contracts as such, but it does audit registrars to ensure that their terms and conditions comply with the registrar contract. This registrar was last audited on 16 November 2015, including these terms and conditions. The review report can be found here.

Q2. I love your contract!

A2. Why thank you. It was hewn by contract dwarves from the mightiest rock, and forged in the fiery depths of ... Hang on, "I love your contract!" is not a question.

Q3. I love your contract so much that I want to use it myself; can I do that?

A3. Really? Feel free. I hereby put a slightly modified version of the above licence in the public domain under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 licence. The slight modification consists of replacement of the text "ALEXBLIGH", my name, my telephone number, address and email details with the word 'Cetacean'; change it to something more appropriate. In English, that means you can use it for whatever you like free of charge, but I'm not promising it will be advisable to do so, and don't complain to me if it doesn't work. I do not endorse this contract - really, who would? I do not claim to be a lawyer. Do not attempt to use this contract for the control of civilian or military nuclear installations. Attribution is not required. Buying me a glass of wine is not required, but would probably be appreciated, depending on the wine.