Alex Bligh's home page

I'm pretty awful at having a home page, having spend rather a lot of years on the internet without a single page about anything to do with me. However, I suppose the time has now come to associate something with this domain name.

If you are looking for something to do with people I work with, or have worked with, you are better off looking at:
    Silverscale Associates
    GX Networks
    Nominet UK
    Redbus Interhouse
    Confonia Ltd
    Enovi LLP
    XCalibre Commuications Ltd / Flexiscale
    Mailbox Internet Ltd

or possibly elsewhere ... but probably not much better off.

I made a tool to find names for businesses where the domain name is not yet registered (mainly for fun):

Here's a resume which I try to keep up to date.

Other documents you might have been looking for:
    Various documents that I've prepared for Nominet
    Installing and Running Linux on an IBM T23 Laptop
    Patches for wxAUI

You can find information on, an organization promoting an open source software license here

I have a blog, of sorts, here

Here is some stuff about Eleanor .

If you are looking for Mel, try here .

... and that's it