Alex Bligh's Nominet Documents

I cofounded and was, until May 2007, a Non-Executive Director of  Nominet UK and a member of its policy advisory board (PAB).

During that time I prepared various documents for Nominet's consideration, mostly on a personal basis.

You can find here (in chronological order):
    Proposal to Nominet for creation of a Personal SLD
    White paper for Nominet renewals subcommittee, and feedback I gathered on it - you can find the previous version of the white paper here .
    The Future of - an alternate view - a response to the subcommittee report and introductory paper; an older version of my paper (v1.00) can be found here
    A submission to Nominet's PAB on Communication and Consultation - a response to the PAB paper on consultation and communication
    A draft agenda for Nominet's PAB subcommittee meeting on 5th Feb 2003 considering a Wait List Service, and the resulting consultation paper , as well as the feedback received on it , and the subcommittee's recommendation to the PAB
    A response to Nominet's governance consultation issued in February 2007
    Information about the ALEXBLIGH tag
You can find my election platform for the Nominet 2003 Council of Management elections here.
Alex Bligh